About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Making Reliable Surgery Accessible For Everyone

Our Goal

Streamlining the distribution chain and supplying the global market with high-quality products and services within Medical equipment at a competitive price.

Aprikos Medical is a medical device company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Our highly experienced and competent team works every day to ensure that reliable surgery is made accessible through ethical and good manufacturing practices. As a responsible manufacturer, we aspire to play a crucial part in sustaining the ecosystem and investing in the environment, the local community, and our people.

Aprikos Medical specializes in manufacturing and selling high-quality surgical instruments, designed to be safe and reliable in the operating room. We have a wide range of reusable instruments for General Surgery, ENT, Dental, Neurosurgery and Veterinary. We focus on functionality and reliability through a system of quality controls and quality assurances of instruments to ensure optimum performance for you and your patients.

Our digital solutions, robust inventory management system, and effective communication ensure transparency and efficient planning for our partners.

We are committed to reducing surgical complications and post-operative care costs for our partners and their patients, with our compliant and quality medical devices. Aprikos Medical is mindful of its product’s role in the surgical department and continually strives to deliver and exceed our partner’s expectations.

Digital Solutions

Aprikos Medical believes in innovating, modernizing, and personalizing our customers’ experience. We have a highly sophisticated process of identification, labeling, inventory, monitoring, and reporting in place.

A personalized webshop saves your purchase preferences allowing automated and efficient ordering for future orders while recording previous orders. Our digital solutions make it easier to track orders in progress, which helps improve picking, sorting, and packing accuracy and contributes to fast feedback and on-time delivery.

The system has an automatic communication channel that drastically improves the way information passes through all the essential steps in the order processing workflow.

Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Innovation

High Quality Products

Aprikos Medical defines a quality product not only as one that is safe and made of quality components but also as one that is consistent every time. The first and most important quality parameter is whether the product can deliver what it promises safely and repeatedly.

Our instruments are specially designed and handcrafted by experienced and highly professional skilled workers. The instruments undergo several quality control processes so we can stay assured of all necessary quality parameters before leaving our premises.

Our processes and systems align with International Standards and Requirements, making our products compliant and accredited by notified bodies and authorities.

Unparallel Focus On Quality

Experienced Team

We are a talented, knowledgeable, and experienced organization. Our entire team, from product realization to product marketing and sales, works tirelessly to achieve customer success and satisfaction.

Our sales and marketing team can support their customers, growing their business by offering product training and support in winning tenders. Having 40 years of experience in manufacturing allows us control over the processes that ensure product perfection and further develop our instruments.

We continually strive to improve organizational well-being by prioritizing training and development. We highly focus on employee satisfaction and team-building strategies.

One Team One Vision

Our Team Members

Omer Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Lyngmoe

Chief Commercial Officer

Line Sortland

Regional Account Executive

Saqib Raja

Chief Product Officer

Erika Trondsen

Product Specialist

Robin Gaupset

Medical Advisor

Hanne Sofie Porsvik

Product Specialist

Short Delivery Time

With the ongoing Global Supply Chain crisis disrupting all parts of the value chain, Aprikos Medical understands the value of risk management and providing reliable delivery. Our main priority is providing high-quality products with short delivery time.

We believe in close communication with our customers. Together with our robust digital innovative warehouse management system and its visibility into the minimum stock level ensures quick and timely deliveries to our customers.

Excellence Committed, Readily Delivered

Ethical Manufacturing

Environmentally Friendly

One of our main goals is to create a better world for future surgical communities around the world. We continually improve our environmental performance through more efficient use of resources, utilizing green energy and reduction of waste and noise pollution.

When it comes to products, it means everything from production, packaging and shipping must be considered safe for the environment.

Our facility is ISO 140001 accredited.

We Aim At Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Social Justice

Aprikos Medical believes in community efforts dedicated to creating and maintaining a just and equal society where every person and all groups are valued and validated. It includes efforts to minimize systemic violence, racism and all systems that devalue dignity and humanity.

We have an open-door policy across the organization and have built a close-knit culture where everyone is comfortable asking tough questions and making a team effort to overcome adversity.

Our social values include gender equality, freedom of speech and belief and inclusion of all groups.

Dignity – Respect - Unity